Meeting Minutes- ARLIS/NA Annual Conference 2013, Pasadena, CA

Meeting Notes from Pasadena

Stimulating Creativity in Practice (SCIP) SIG Meeting Minutes

ARLIS/NA Annual Conference 2013, Pasadena, CA

Friday April 26, 2013 4:45pm – 5:45pm

Ballroom A (shared)

In attendance: Deirdre Donohue, Robert Lobe, Lanice Lurie, Leigh Gates, Shari Salisbury, Julie Yamashita, Skye Lacerte, Leslie Vega, Judy Donovan, Sonja Staum, Annette Haines

  • Welcome and introductions

    • The meeting convened at approximately 4:50 p.m. by Annette Haines who thanked members for attending. Attendees introduced themselves and told the group why they were interested in the SCIP SIG.

  • Review of SCIP SIG Description

    • We postponed reviewing the SCIP SIG description as Annette could not bring up the text on her computer.

  • Do we want/need a logo? Volunteers?

    • Judy Donovan reiterated the reasons why she thought a logo or some type of visual identification would be useful for the group. Robert Lobe agreed to find a student to come up with ideas for a logo.

  • Sharing ideas – We have the email list and a Facebook page. How can we encourage more idea sharing?

  • Many ideas were discussed including

    • Using Google+ instead of Facebook so we could use the Google Hangouts feature and it would be more separated from our personal Facebook community. Annette Haines has set up a Google+ page for the group and will invite everyone that is currently in the email list.

    • Using Mail Chimp to create a monthly newsletter. Leslie Vega agreed to look into this.

    • Create a fun member questionnaire/form for people to fill out as a way to get to know each other with questions like why are you interested in the SCIP SIG, favorite quotes, books, etc. This could be posted on Google+. Annette Haines will try to come up with something to float and see how it goes.

    • It was mentioned that we do not want to spread ourselves too thin with too many avenues for communication.  

  • Plan for member art exhibition for ARLIS/NA 2014

  • Everyone seemed enthusiastic about hosting a member art exhibition at the 2014 conference. There was some discussion of previous member exhibitions. All agreed that it would be best if we could have the exhibition in a venue where other ARLIS/NA activities would take place such as the opening reception or during a gallery visit. Annette Haines will contact the local arrangements co-chairs for the Washington D.C. conference and see how we should pitch the idea (whether as a program proposal or something else).  

  • Plan for workshop or presentation for ARLIS/NA 2014

  • We talked about proposing a panel for the 2014 conference. Some possible topics included:

    • Ideas to help generate student interest in libraries (e.g. zines, meditation, etc.) – Judy Donovan presented for Jill Luedeke (who couldn’t be at the meeting.

    • Ways to use art students to bring creativity into the library – Skye Lacerte.

    • Library as incubator, outreach and tapping into local communities – Robert Lobe.

    • We thought we should extend this discussion further with the rest of the group on the email list.

  • Annette Haines will contact Lynda Barry and see if she would be willing to either speak or do a workshop on creativity and what her fees would be. For more information about Lynda Barry see this article in the New York Times: 

  • Long-range goals – brainstorming

  • Wanted to make it clear that this group is not limited to people interested in the visual arts, but also writing, improvisation, music and all other forms of creative work. 

  • Meeting adjourned at approximately 5:45 p.m.