2020 Virtual Annual Meeting Minutes

SCIP (Stimulating Creativity in Practice) SIG Meeting
April 27, 2020, 2:00pm via Zoom

The meeting was led by Jill Chisnell who took over as coordinator of this SIG in November of 2019 and Megan Lotts took minutes. Currently Jill is looking for a co-moderator for this SIG. Currently this SIG has 65 members, but this list is not complete. It was recognized by many people attending that a virtual meeting outside the conference was a better method to communicate and should be continued for the future yearly business meeting.

The SIG has a WordPress but is currently in a static state and in need of a content creator/moderator. Please contact Jill Chisnell if interesting in serving in this role.

There was a makerspace planned for ARLIS/NA 2020 in St. Louis which would have been a space to make, relax, and meet other people. Closer to planning for the conference in Montreal, the SIG will need to discuss a makerspace aspect (if conference organizers wish to continue tradition).

There is a need to re-gain traction in this SIG and Jill Chisnell and Megan Lotts will pull together a survey to send to the 65 registered members of this group/SCIP SIG distribution list which will ask questions about discussion topics and other general information.

The meeting was followed by a show-and-tell of members from the SIG casually talking about their work as makers and librarians. This show-and-tell provided a rich discussion about multiple topics and made it clear there is a need and want for this SIG to continue.