Postcard makerspace at ARLIS/VRA conference


SCIP is working on developing a makerspace for the joint ARLIS/VRA conference in Seattle 2016.

The initial idea for the makerspace was to allow conference goers the opportunity to take a break from conference activities and sessions in order to make a collage, quick sketch, or simple watercolor. This would allow us to reach out to ARLIS and the VRA membership, build our numbers, and create an awareness of the SIG. Through those discussions it was proposed that the emphasis of these creations be on handmade postcards, which we would then offer to send out direct from Seattle.

The Seattle planning committee will make a space available to us adjacent to the conference  registration area, so we can potentially be the first activity/event attendees will see. They will also supply power connections for us, should we need to use hot glue guns etc. in our creative processes. This means that we will need people to volunteer time at the makerspace, and people to volunteer supplies for the makerspace.

ARLIS/NA Online Art Exhibition, 2014


If you haven’t done so already, please check out the SCIP Exhibit!

This online exhibit was developed by the Stimulating Creativity In Practice group for the 2014 ARLIS/NA National Conference in D.C.

works by:

Annette Haines
Eric M. Wolf
Elizabeth Hollenbeck
Gabriella Solti
Marcie Farwell
Marianne Sade
Marta Chudolinska
Robert Lobe
Claire Dannenbaum
Hillary Veeder
Peter Klubek
Kai Alexis Smith
Rene Aranzamendez
Laura Graveline
Isabel Ayres
Greta Bahnemann
Cynthia Gregory

SCIP members Elizabeth Hollenbeck and Angela Weaver collaborated to showcase this amazing work in advance of the 2014 Annual Conference.  Visitors can browse by item, artist or medium (paintings, sculpture/3D, prints/mixed-media/collage, textiles, and photographs).