2021 Virtual Annual Meeting Minutes

SCIP Meeting Minutes
April 27th, 2021 via Zoom

Heather Gendron (Coordinator), Ann Lindell, Emily Coxe, Janine St. Germaine, Sheila Fox, Anna Boutin-Cooper, Barbara Prior, Diane Lopez, Heather Koopmans, Shannon Robinson, Ann Whiteside, Peter Klubek

Introductions/Ice Breaker
Attendees each shared one thing that they created in the past year, which ranged from artwork and handmade objects, to a lap loom made on a 3D printer, to a speculative library projects initiative.

SCIP 2021-22 Goals
The group discussed the 2021-22 SCIP goals drafted by the coordinator.

Strengthen SCIP’s social media presence: Heather will create a new Instagram account for SCIP and Shannon Robinson volunteered to assist with setting up a social media plan and helping to gather content from the SCIP community.

Janine suggested trying Instameets. Someone suggested the collection of objects left behind by library users that’s on display at the Flaxman Library as a potential one for an Instameet at the Chicago conference next year.

Highlight the creativity of our members and the role of creativity in our careers: The group discussed how Instagram could be used to achieve this goal. Heather also mentioned the 2014 DC conference online art exhibit, but no one in the meeting had worked on that exhibit.

Develop SCIP SIG programming at conferences: Heather mentioned that SCIP has set up post card making tables and other makerspace activities over the years. It would be nice to have SCIP sponsored programming around creativity and libraries. A few ideas came up in discussion:

  • Artists residencies in libraries and archives – how to set them up and get them funded.
  • Posters and presentations – Diane suggested creating a prize for artistic/creative conference presentations and posters. Make a badge for the winner(s) with most creative approach.
  • Heather suggested that the project Shannon is working on about speculative futures might make a good workshop.

Explore how diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging intersect with making, creativity, and being an ARLIS/NA member: There was discussion of creating an inclusive workplace and how imagination is required in developing new ways forward for library organizations. Heather invited members to attend the conference session this year by her, Jill Chisnell & Carol Ng-He on creativity and leadership: https://arlisna49thannualconference2021.sched.com/event/il1w/03-put-a-creative-spark-in-your-leadership

Call for volunteers – SCIP blog, new Instagram account, Vice moderator, ideas for 2022 Chicago conference activities

  • Emily Coxe volunteered to be vice moderator.
  • Shannon Robinson volunteered to work with Heather on social media.
  • Janine St. Germaine will assist in creating a listing of artists residencies on the SCIP blog.

Board Liaison
Rebecca Price introduced herself as Board Liaison and defined her role. She reminded the group that a call for funding requests will go out later in the summer, but that there will still be opportunities for smaller requests throughout the year.

Next SCIP Meeting

  • We’ll aim for October

Action Items

  • Heather will create a SCIP Instagram account
  • Shannon with work with Heather to develop a social media plan and assist in gathering content.
  • Heather will update the SCIP blog with today’s meeting minutes and share them on the listserv.
  • Heather will query the SCIP list about a possible online exhibit of art by ARLIS/NA members for the Chicago conference.
  • Janine help create a listing of artists residencies in libraries and archives. We will need another volunteer for this to take the lead on the project.
  • Heather and Shannon will touch base about the vice/co-moderator role.